Defi CR Control Unit




Defi-Link Control Unit II is a necessary controller to install Defi-Link Meters, Defi-Link Meter BFs, and Defi-Link Displays. Up to 7 gauges and displays can be connected and controlled by one Control Unit II. The name of the connection system is “Defi-Link System.”

Defi-Link Control Unit II
Control Unit II Version 2.0
Parts NO.DF05002

Defi-Link System allows gauges and displays to be attached to Defi-Link Control Unit II with a single “DAISY CHAIN” wiring system.

Daisy chain

Driving data can be stored and can be replayed up to 3 minutes(*1). Pause, speed play, forward, and rewind function can be applied during playback.
Double Warning function by a meter’s LED lamp and a beep(*2)
The switch panel is embossed and buzzer sounds by pushing the buttons.
The characters and the rings on the switch panel are illuminated in white at nighttime. It makes operation in the dark easy.
Defi-Link Indicator(sold separately) can be connected to M-WARNING connector. The indicator blinks when any of connected meters’ warning LED lights.
Differential pressure between fuel pressure and turbo can be shown if both of fuel pressure meter and turbo meter are installed.(*3)
UP to 7 gauges among from Defi-Link Meters and Defi-Link Meter BFs and Defi-Link Displays can be operated with one Control Unit II. Microcomputers are equipped with meters and Control Unit II. A distant meter can be operated at hand.
Defi-Link Control Unit II
Defi-Link Control Unit
*1 Data replay
Up to 3 minutes
Up to 40 seconds
*2 Warning
LED and beep
Only LED(no beeps)
*3 Differential Pressure
Defi-Link Control Unit II is applicable only for 12V vehicles.
Defi-Link Control Unit II is necessary to operate Defi-Link Meter BF.
Defi-Link Control Unit II or Defi-Link Control Unit is necessary to operate Defi-Link Meter.
Defi-Link Control Unit II or Defi-Link Control Unit is necessary to operate Defi-Link Display.


Defi-Link Control Unit II

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