All payments must be made in full before products or vehicles will be allowed to leave the site. All goods remain the property of Slide Motorsport until paid in full.

Product Usage 

Unless otherwise stated, all vehicle parts sold by Slide Motorsport are intended for off-road race use only and must be installed by an experienced professional. We accept no responsibility for any additional costs incurred through incorrect fitting of any products sold by Slide Motorsport. We also do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to any other components as a result of the failure of a product sold by Slide Motorsport.


All Genuine and OEM Parts carry a minimum of 1 Year Warranty, when fitted in a standard car. With most manufacturers, any performance enhancing modifications will void the warranty on those parts.
For any aftermarket / upgrade parts the warranty lies with the manufacturer and in most cases there is no warranty other than for manufacturing defects.

In all warranty cases, the manufacturer and Slide Motorsport are not liable for any labour cost claims.

In the event of a warranty claim, we will require the item to inspect or to send to the manufacturer to follow their claims procedure. If you require a replacement item to ensure your vehicle is not off the road for a prolonged period, we reserve the right to charge for the replacement item. Upon a successful claim, this charge would be refunded. If the claim is not upheld, we will return your items to you in the condition they were sent and no refund will be made.

  • Warranty Exclusions:
  • Damage caused by your failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent mechanical damage from occurring, for example, taking appropriate action in the event of warning lights appearing.
  • Not regularly checking fluid levels.
  • Damage or defects caused by not having the vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s / Slide Motorsport recommendations.
  • Damage or defects caused by improper use of the vehicle, neglect, or use of the vehicle for motorsport activities.
    Accident damage


We reserve the right to request a deposit at the time of booking an appointment in our workshop or for special order parts. This deposit is non-refundable unless we cancel your appointment or order. If you do not or cannot attend an appointment, please do not ask us to refund the deposit paid. In some circumstances we may allow you to change your appointment to a more suitable date, but will require at least 2 weeks notice to do this.

Vehicle drop off – Workshop / Tuning

  1. We retain the right to refuse any work if vehicles are not in a road worthy condition. E.g. Bald Tyres, Expired Road Tax etc. with the loss of any deposits paid.
  2. Cars that are not in a fit state for tuning work will also be refused, it is expected that a car is in perfect health before any power increase. Any deposit will be lost in this instance.
  3. Customers should notify Slide Motorsport prior to the booking date if there are concerns regarding the cars health, we can then have the correct staff and parts ready to repair prior to working on the vehicle.
  4. Customers that have not arrived on time must accept that collection of the vehicle may be delayed, and must have arrangements in place for return transportation if this goes beyond our normal working hours.
  5. Any additional work outside of the agreed specification will be notified to the customer prior to any extra charges being made.
  6. Work not included as part of the initial booking may incur extra charges, and will only be started providing we have enough time to complete the job without affecting other appointments in the diary.
  7. Customers who would like to wait with their car must stay in the designated customer area and not cross into the workshop areas due to insurance liability and injury risk. By signing this agreement you agree that injury risk on our premises is entirely yours.
  8. Customers must inform us of any previous work carried out on the vehicle that they are aware of that might affect the job we are undertaking
  9. Customers should notify Slide Motorsport of any recording equipment fitted in vehicle (i.e Dash Cameras, Go Pro’s, etc). These MUST be switched off for the full amount of time the vehicle is in our possession. Slide Motorpsort retain the right to refuse to proform any work if this has not been done.

Vehicle collection and after sales

  1. Customers may be asked to take the vehicle out for a test drive with one of our mechanics before leaving. Any concerns should be made at this point.
  2. Customers are advised to take an extended test drive in the local area before setting off home; with arrangements in place for return transport should problems occur with the vehicle.
  3. Recovery and Breakdown cover must be held by the customer and the level of cover must allow recovery to our workshop, not just a local garage.
  4. We do not offer a mobile workshop service, nor can we collect cars free of charge should any problems occur.
  5. Cars are expected to have service intervals proportional to the power increase; e.g. double the power, half the service interval.
  6. Owners are expected to have a certain level of mechanical sympathy; abuse when cold or hot will cause excessive wear on engine parts, especially turbochargers.
  7. We do not have unlimited secure parking available at our premises, so vehicles must be collected promptly. Damage caused on our site is entirely at your risk
  8. Customers that want to keep their old parts must collect them at the same time as collecting the vehicle. We do not store parts unless arranged prior to booking date.


Due to new EU Legislation and as part of the VOSA Annual MOT inspection, if fitted at the factory, a DPF Unit must be present at the time of test.

All work carried out by Slide Motorsport related to Catalytic Converter / DPF / EGR Removal is deemed as for Motorsport / Off Road use only. When booking in for work or purchasing parts it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they comply with rules and laws relating to their home country.

We will only carry out the Catalytic Converter / DPF / EGR Removal process if the customer has agreed that the vehicle is not going to be used on the public highway and that Slide Motorsport will not be held responsible for any future actions or issues relating to the Catalytic Converter / DPF / EGR removal.

Data Protection

As you may know recent new data protection laws have come into place, and we are required under this new legislation to inform you of what information of yours we store. We use a secure database program to keep a record of all customers names, contact phone numbers and delivery addresses as supplied by yourself at the time of purchase of your item. This information is not shared in any way with 3rd party organisations or outside companies. This information will be held in our system indefinitely unless you request us to remove it for you. Please feel free to do so by calling us on 01977 647 277. Any questions on this policy or how we store your information please feel free to ask.