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Racing Lines Fuel Pumps

We try and keep a selection of Fuel Pumps available on the shelf, it’s a staple part of anything from a stage 1 setup to a much bigger and more serious race spec build. There’s obviously a lot of quality brands out there and popular choices like the Bosch 044 but you might not always want to hit that big budget retail price of  £180 and you can still get quality products at a much cheaper price. That’s where something like the Racing Lines RL300B comes into play, it’s capable of running 270LPH hour and will support and engine of up to 500BHP, and costs just a fraction of the price at £80!

It comes in the box with all the terminal connectors, a fuel filter bag and even a dust cover and you can mount this baby inside or outside tank. Simple fitting externaly, a fun project internally and probably save yourself enough money to get a cheap set of tyres for your skidder! How could it get any better? I’ll tell you how, enter the code fuelpump25 at checkout and you’ll get 25 percent off it and and free shipping!

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