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Used parts: 200SX Propshafts

We carry a wide range of used prop shafts for S13, S14, S15 and Skyline R33 as well as a few others. It’s the sort of part that a lot of these 20+ years old vehicles will need replacing, and we aim to provide the best condition parts for the lowest prices around. If you have any specific needs or requirements then we will work with you to get the part tracked down that you need (although most common ones will be on the shelf ready to go, and if you need it our team of experienced technicians will be on hand to get the part fitted, and survey the rest of the drivetrain to check everything is up to spec and save you from any unexpected breakdowns.

Any other used engine, interior or electric for anything 200SX give us a shout, because we keep a huge amount of stock in for these models.  You can check out the selection on our eBay shop, keep an eye out for new products on the web store and for anything else in between then get in touch!

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