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Restoration & Repair

To some people cars are just a bit of metal that gets you  from A to B… To us that couldnt be further from the truth. Some cars hold a special place in your heart and others are too valuable to go to the great scrapyard in the sky. We are always happy to help save cars from an untimely end even if it means totaly stripping the vehicle back and cutting out the rusty parts so that our fabrication team can build it back up before prepping the car completely with anti corrosion primer, seam sealer, Hydrate80 and finally a healthy coat of Upol Gravitex underseal. The work doesnt stop there though because while they’ve been cutting and welding, the rest of the team have been repairing and replacing any tired, worn out components, installing any modifications including our custom braided brake lines, poly bushes, adjustable arms, new tyres and service parts. Once the body is finished and the parts are ready to go everything comes back together and before you know it that once rotten vehicle, is back and looks factory fresh. We can even deliver the vehicle to you on our recovery truck so that it stays as fresh as ever until it touches your driveway.

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In the images below are some examples of vehicles we have worked on recently including the red Nissan S15 in which the customer provided their own materials from SR Autosource and SR Autobodies

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