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Safety Devices

Keeping you safe

Over the years most of our team have either ran out of luck or skill at one point or another. Most of the time its easily fixed, sometimes it happens without damage but occasionally you end up in a position we all hate to see.

We know our customers have a love for fast cars and motorsports which is why we make a point of offering a wide variety of safety related items. We have access to a huge range of parts from Seatbelts to Fire supression systems and in this blog we will give you a brief rundown of some of the parts and services we offer and why they are so important.

The video below will start around 3 minutes in and shows exactly how important these safety devices are and just how much they change the outcome of incidents

Harnesses & Seats

When you drive your car hard its important that you stay stable in your correct seating position, Nobody wants to slip off a pedal while on full attack round a bend because they are sliding in the seat. Bucket seats are the perfect solution to this problem. There are even many options for reclining bucket seats meaning you can retain fully functional rear bench seats in your 2 door race car. We have access to many of your favourite brands such as Corbeau, OMP, Bride and many more.

Along with upgrading the seats, replacing the standard 3 point harnesses with an aftermarket 4, 5 or even 6 point harness will help keep you safely in your seating position while driving along. Should you ever be in any form of collision these harness styles will hold both of your shoulders and hips to the seat preventing you from lunging forward out of the seat and allowing the impact to be spread evenly over your body instead of into one shoulder.

Fire Surpression & Fuel Systems

One very commonly overlooked feature in performance cars is the fuel system, Its one thing to use uprated fuel pumps to feed your high horsepower engine but if all the fuel sloshes to one side when cornering you run the risk of starving the engine leading to a missfire and loss of power. By using a Surge tank you eliminate this issue by pumping fuel from your primary tank into the surge tank which remains under pressure during cornering.

Another great upgrade that can be made to the fuel system is switching from a conventional undercar fuel tank to a fuel cell which is often placed on the boot floor. With the fuel cell here maintenance and repair becomes a much simpler task and thanks to direct fill or remote fill kits you can choose to fill up the fuel directly into the tank or place a fuel filler elsewhere on the car. We are proud to offer Radium Engineering products for fuel cell setups, these items will be coming to the website soon.

We all know motorsports are dangerous but one thing we are thankful for is vehicle mounted fire surpression systems. These kits are becoming more popular due to their relatively low cost despite them being able to save your vehicle from a nasty fire. As soon as you are aware of a fire, simply hit the kill switch and pull the extinguisher cord. These kits can be activated from inside and outside the vehicle, as can the kill switch. Once activated the pressurised fire extinguisher releases through the nozzles placed in the engine bay and around the fuel tank to quickly surpress the fire before it can overwhelm you or your pride and joy.

Fabrication Services

Our fabrication team have planned and construced many roll cages over the years. Our cages can be built to the spec of the customer or the governing body of their motorsport. We can build rollcage structtures from a simple harness bar, up to a full 12 point roll cage with nascar style door bars.

Our fabrication team are also well versed in strengthening vehicles. With the use of additional supports and dimpled weld in plates, these modifications not only help make the vehicle safer but also reduce the amount of broken components due to wear and tear by making them stronger and longer lasting.

Another safety item we always love to work with is polycarbonate windows. Lexan windows are becoming a much more common item in grass roots motorsports as the cost of new and used standard glass windows and screens for our beloved e36, e46, silvia and skylines continues to go up the cost of aftermarket windows becomes far more realistic.

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