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Used, Reconditioned & Remanufactured Parts

Over the years that Slide Motorsport has existed our team has parted out many cars ranging from run of the mill BMWs to modern cult classics. As a result we have thousands of used parts and components in stock to fit many different makes and models, primarily Nissan, Toyota, Mazda & BMW but many for Lexus, Volkswagen Audi and many others.

We are able to offer a reconditioning service on some items and can always offer a fit the parts we supply aswell as undertake restoration projects at our workshop in Yorkshire.

We have shelves full of used Supension, Struts, Arms, Springs, Anti roll bars, Brakes, Interiors, Trims, Windows, Body panels, Engine Components, Fuel and Ignition Parts, Clutches, Flywheels, Pedals, Subframes, Speakers, Wheels, Tyres, Bolts, Fittings, Grilles, Lights, Mirrors, ECUs, Wiring Harnesses, Looms, Gearboxes, Seatbelts, Airbags, Aftermarket Parts, Steering Wheels, Door Cards, Exhausts and plenty more.

If you are planning any restoration, repair or replacement of parts on your car get in touch to find out if we have what you need in stock.

01977 647277

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