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Slide Media 2017

Slide Media Project Announcement 

As times change and the world moves forwards Slide will continue to grow and evolve. We are pleased to be a part of this ever changing world and starting winter 2017 we will be rolling out Slide Media, an all encompassing look at the behind the scenes of what goes into running the garage and the drift team. Expect to see content in the places you know such as Facebook but also some new ones including Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram. Also this blog will be receiving an entire overhaul and we have some new content lined up for the near future.

You can anticipate new media that will showcase interesting builds step by step and how to guides for some of you home-brew enthusiasts. A behind the scenes Vlog of the BDC next season and what goes into running the team, as well as all the shenanigans that go along with it. Get a daily look at the goings on in the garage and stay up to date with current builds on the shop floor via IG stories and get a head start on everyone else for our new promotions and sales offers via the newsletter launching soon.

Altogether it’s a very exciting time for the company and hopefully yourselves as well, stay tuned in as the new content starts to be unveiled in the near future, make sure you follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything. Thanks for reading and stay sideways!


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