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BDC 2018: A Sneak Preview

Here at Slide Motorsport we are all fired up for the 2018 season to start, and this year we’ve got some changes going on that we would like to give you a little tease of, and share a bit of insight into what you can expect from us this time at the BDC.

As ever we will have several cars and drivers back on the track again, and a few things worth mentioning;

Matt Stevenson – Ls3 Powered BMW E92

Q: What’s changing on the car?

A: ”Same as the last couple of seasons were just focusing on reliability and making the car as fixable and crash proof as possible. We’re going for a little extra power, freshen up everything and then just get back in the seat and use it!”

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming season?

A: ”2018 is shaping up to be an even better year than last, the BDC team manage to step it up every year so I can’t wait for next years details to be made public!”

Adam Simmons – 2JZ powered Nissan Skyline R33

Q: What’s changing on the car?

A: “For 2018 I won’t be changing too much the car was working real good towards the end of 2017 so just a few tweeks, engine wise I will be fitting a massive Japspeed intercooler because inlet temps would get high after a few laps, and I will be running the car on race fuel to get a bit more reliable power out the engine”

“The Bodywork will also get a few tweeks with a new bodykit from Knightracer then plan is to get out in the car and get as much seat time as possible before round one”

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming season?

A: “I’m really looking forward to 2018 it’s shaping up to be the best BDC season ever! Dave and his crew just keep pushing the championship up and up! We have a strong team behind us and some awsome sponsors, I personally will be pushing harder than ever to get some results and have as much fun as possible on track and in the pits!!!”

Jason Clark – LS1 Powered Mazda RX-7

Q: What’s changing on the car?

A: “The cars a proven set up now, using the same engine platform but with 550WHP then just going to get back to smashing seat time”

Ben Manuel – 2JZ powered BMW E36

This season Ben will be stepping back from the steering wheel and taking part of, if not all of the season out due to personal reasons but he has released this statement:

“Due to moving house in the New Year and having a new baby I’m taking a year out to rebuild the car ready for the 2019 season, may do a couple rounds toward the end of the season depending on progress. Will be attending all rounds as spotter for team and team pit bitch”

I’m sure you will all join us in wishing Ben the best with the house and new child, and we are all excited for him to get back on the track again next year.

And then not forgetting our drift cup representative

“The Return Of The Side Horse” Stu “Full Stu” Jones – SR20DET 2.2 powered Nissan S14

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming season?

A: “2018 season I’ll be pushing harder than ever, and this is the season to get my BDC licence. But above all else I’m looking forward to just going out and having fun”

Q: What’s changing on the car?

A: “I’ve got a new bigger brake set up to iron out  a few issues I’ve had in last year, and a few new panels, just looking to get  plenty of seat time pre season”

So there you have it, everyone at the Slide team all ready to jump right into the season, say tuned in here so you don’t miss the announcements for the season dates etc being announced. Thanks for stopping by and remember to stay sideways!



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