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Slide Webstore is Live!!

With the ever growing amount of parts that Slide is getting to our awesome customer base it was time for a step up in how it’s all happening. No more having to phone up and give card details over the phone, we are now testing out our new web store. There is a really good selection of high quality bits at the best prices we can muster for you all, especially those with SX series and Skylines, and we aim to expand this range massively over the coming weeks, if there is anything you want to see listed shoot us a message on the Facebook page. Please bare in mind this is brand new and if you run into any teething errors with it, don’t distress just get on to us as we would love all the feedback we can get. In the near future the plan is to get the service even more streamlined and add more features to run through the site. Happy shopping!

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