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Need New Car Parts? Why Not Compare Parts…

We are always looking for ways to expand and grow the name and the brand of Slide Motorsport, and we were recently invited to be part of an exciting new online shopping service know as Compare Parts. Pretty much like it says on the tin, you log on and tell them what you want, and they show you the cheapest place you can come and buy it from, so for instance if you need a Competition Clutch and you want to verify that Slide Motorsport is the cheapest place you can get it just search and it will come up and tell you! It’s just like that place with the Meerkats but for performance car parts!

We remain quietly confident that the prices we have for the products we sell will be the cheapest you can get, and we can definitely guarantee you the service you will receive will be nothing short of top notch.

I’m personally really excited to see how popular this very new service proves to be and as we continue to grow the webstore here on the slide website you can expect to see more of our parts listed over there. Go check it out for yourself at and let us know if you see much over there you want to see us start selling!

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