BDC 2018 Round 4 – Three Sisters Circuit

With the 4th round of the BDC quickly approaching us we are once again in full swing making sure everything is prepped and ready for the team. We are all excited for the first time that the BDC will decent upon the Three Sisters Circuit in Wigan and if it is anything to follow on from this years Drift Cup event then it is going to be one to watch. A tight knit and technical line will weave its way around the circuit and offer the chance for spectators too see proximity in battles like never before!

Make sure you head over to the BDC website and grab your discount early bird tickets whilst they are still available 

With just a few days left in the run up I took a second to catch up with the Bossman Matt Stevenson to see how he was feeling about the event, and ask him the burning question we all wanted to know after he blew up the DKM LS3 E92 at the last round.

Q: You’re obviously driving what some might call an underpowered car for the next round – why have you chosen this and how do you think you will fair against the competition? 

A:  I got offered a few cars which were amazing, but when ash offered me his 328 that’s also pretty savage just a bit ‘underpowered’, as you say compared to the rest of the pro grid, I thought it would suit my all or nothing driving style. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend the most money to have fun and so my mission for this round is to prove it!!

Q: This season it seems like slide is really working well as a team and got the constructors championship in the bag last round – what do you think is making the difference?

A: Confidence is a big part of it, me Adam and Jason are still relatively new in the pro class but we have stepped up our game this year, and believe we can be competitive. Add to that we are always having fun and it just seems to be a good combination! 

Q: As drifting and the BDC grow bigger and bigger in terms of the audience, now with livestreams being viewed all around the world what would you be wanting to see more or less of in the next season?

A: I have a very similar thought process to Dave Egan at Zigan, in thinking which way drifting should go, it’s all about the show aspect, it has to be entertaining for the fans! What we need is to get more people off their sofa an too an event. Year on year it’s growing but with that extra push it really could be something special. 
Q: You recently attended the RedBull Driftshifter’s event in Liverpool, how do you think a point based scoring event like this compares to what happens in the BDC, would you like too see more of these events and maybe even compete in them?
A: That event was super fun to watch as it’s something different, I like the format of BDC and it’s good to get that drift masters then FD as similar as possible so people find it easy to understand. I’d love to see a little more of the show aspect brought in but how that can happen only time will tell.
Q: Anything else you want to share or plug for the future of slide motorsport?
A: Lots of things happening in the background here at Slide and for me personally but watch this space! It’s going to be a busy year with a lot of challenges!!

There you have it, watch this space for all things Slide Motorsport and BDC related, and if you can’t get to the event in person make sure you check out the live stream this weekend!

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