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S14 Modified Front Subframe

We offer a lot of products and services in house and we want to take to start some time to start spotlighting some of our own custom fabricated goods that we can offer. The first one of these is a classic and part of our very own custom lock kit. The modified subframe. This is where the subframe has a dimpled support plate fitted and the steering rack is relocated forwards. We will then give everything a quick lick in black paint (Unless you request powder coating or a specific colour).

You have two options we can send you out a reconditioned subframe already modified or you can send in your subframe for us to work on, whichever works the best for you. The pricing is £199 inc VAT for us to supply the frame and then £149 inc VAT if you send the frame in to us.

If you love a bit of homebrew on your fabrication projects we can supply you with just the dimpled support plates, and yes the same service is available for an R33 Skyline front sub.

If you fancy knowing more about our custom lock kits then please get in contact and we would be more than happy to help you. If you need to order this modified subframe then just give us a shout on 01977 647 277, it is currently about a 7 working day order time for these items.

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