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Competition Clutch Review

There can be a lot of information out there in terms of what the best products for modifying or upgrading your car are. In the past we have spotlighted not only the brands that we recommend but the very same ones that we rely on in our own cars out on the track as well.

Competition Clutch is a product that has been tried and tested now only by us but also by countless hundreds (or maybe even more!) of our customers, in everything from fast road cars, to track weapons, drift cars, hill climbers and all the rest. Everyone always has the same thing to say, once it has been fitted in the car they have noticed an upgrade in performance of the vehicle and that they feel the value for money is spot on.

Competition Clutch is not the cheapest product on the market, but for the small amount extra you will pay up front for the item the more you will save in the future, when you don’t have to replace it after 5 minutes like you do with the cheap ones. Obviously any clutch’s lifespan is always going to be subject to how you drive the car, but we have even had good feedback from drivers with heavy foot. In the very rare instance you do find any issues arriving with your clutch, the after sales service we have received when dealing with Competition Clutch is always spot on.

For daily’s and slightly uprated cars the Stage 2 applications are great and incredibly drivable on the road, if you have something mid line where you might have the odd tracks / drift days but still want to be able to drive it on the daily the stage 3 (perhaps paired with one of the lightweight flywheels they offer. If you have got something that you want more of a serious performance boost for your vehicle you could look at the Stage 4 application. Obviously this is a little heavier on the foot than a stage 3 but because of the puck design you will find it is something you can get use too very quickly if you are still running on the road. And then finally there is the Twin Plate unit at the top of the pyramid, for those intending to give it some hammer who want to focus on performance, and once again we have had great feedback across the range on all of them.

Please check out the full range on our webstore and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions in regards to the Competition Clutch range or availability.

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