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Performance parts fitting

We talk a lot about big project car builds, we also get into all the custom fabrication work that gets done here, but maybe these big long term projects are not the thing for you. That being said maybe you’ve got a few new bits to go on your car, and either you lack the technical know how or you don’t like getting your hands dirty, well Slide is here to help.

It’s another one of those no job is too small kind of deals, from air filters to fuel pumps, from radiators to turbos, our experienced fleet of technicians can help get your parts bolted on and test that they are working right, and if anything comes up we can advise you what else needs replacing or servicing.

Got some questions about budget, recommended brands or just testing the water before you buy something? Shoot us a message over on the Facebook page! Keep an eye on the webstore so you don’t miss out on the latest parts we are adding, and go subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will be featuring some of our favourite gear over the next few months!

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