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Customer Satisfaction

It’s always nice to hear a bit of good feedback, and with so many parts new and previously loved going out of the door everyday it’s always nice to see them getting some use. We’ve noticed a bit of a trend of happy customers sharing some of their purchases with us via our ever gr0wing facebook community (now over 10K people!) and we wanted to take a second to both acknowledge that and to share a little bit of it with you as well.

Got some parts you need for a project car? Need a component to fix that little fault on your daily car? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out what Slide can do for you! Have a browse of the webstore (updated with new parts several times a week), drop us a message on Facebook to enquire about something or give us a call and speak to the sales team and get some advice on what’s the best next step for you to take!

Remember as well, it’s not all new parts that we supply, Slide also carries an extensive selection of pre-used parts, especially across the 200SX and Skyline range, so if you want to save yourself some money on shelling out for new part, give us a shout!

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