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Slide Motorsport 2018

It’s a brand new year, and with a clear run ahead of us all we go into it with the best intentions and resolutions. Perhaps you have a half finished project you aim to get done this year, maybe you need to get more seat time in your track weapon with your eyes set on the drift cup, how about getting that weekend driver ready for a big summer road trip?

How would you like some help with all of that? As I’m sure you know the Slide team is all revved up and ready to get back to fixing, modifying, servicing and sticking new bits on whatever you need. Not sure if it’s something we can sort? Feel free to get in touch and we can help to get you an estimate on exactly what would need to happen.

Who’s excited for the BDC to kick off this year? Feeling hungry for that January 11th official announcement to drop? We sure can’t wait for it all to get made official and get back out on the track again! In the meantime why not check out our cheeky sneak preview of what to expect?

In other Slide news for this year we are once again on the hunt for a new employee, in someone else to join the team over at Slide Fabrication. Want to throw you hat into the ring or know someone who does? Find all the details over on our Facebook page.

Another big push for Slide this year is our Instagram page, go on give us a follow, going to be a great place to stay up to date with all things going on at the garage and as the season kicks off will be another exclusive look behind the scenes of the race team and what goes on in the pits at the BDC.

Then last but not least we are about to start off 2018 with the launch of our YouTube channel so head over there and subscribe so you don’t miss the launch, let’s just say there’s some big things in the pipeline.

So from everyone here at the Slide Motorsports team we wish you all a happy new year, hope you can thrive in 2018 and achieve everything you want, don’t forget to keep an eye on this blog as it’s the place most of our announcements will be coming from and remember, stay sideways!

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