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Slide Media: YouTube

Did you know that Slide Motorsport is now on YouTube? We have a new video slate to release starting in the new year and to avoid missing out on anything you can subscribe to the channel here.

So what should you expect? We have got a few different things in the works and they include a Vlog of the behind the scenes at the garage and the race team, exclusive coverage of the BDC and the Drift Cup, some tutorial or how to videos for those simple fixes, and just generally a very in depth look at all things Slide.

Obviously we couldn’t undertake all this on our own so we have asked for a little help from some friends, so huge shout out to Sixty9ine productions for helping with production and we have recruited Sheffields own least famous Snapchat celebrity Mac Frost to be the face of the channel.

Make sure you hit that subscribe button and let’s just say Slide Media 2018 is going to be something you don’t want to miss out on!

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