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Featured Products: Link ECU

For the second chapter of our featured products series we are highlighting another one of our sponsors Link ECU. Upgrading your ECU is arguably one of the most important steps in modifying your engine and getting the power you need, especially when it comes to the mapping stages. A lot of people are put off from upgrading the ECU in their vehicles because of the initial lump sum of cash it takes to do so (unless you choose our 0% finance) but the potential power unlocks as a result of this can really change the driving (or racing) experience of the car.

When it comes to things like ECU you really do get what you pay for and with a product like Link you get what we truly believe is the best value for money, and it’s not just us, Link is one of the highest profile name brands in the aftermarket parts world.

You have two initial choices when it comes to upgrading your ECU – Pugin or Wirein and it really depends on the car you have, the plugin variety is available for some of the most used car brands you will find on the market (Nissan S-Chasis and Skylines, Mitsubishis Evos and Scoobys and much more) and the replacement process is usually fairly simple, pull out the old board from the enclosure and just slide the new one in (we really do recommend still having a professional do this though, trust us it’s not the sort of thing you want to go wrong) and then the bonus of a Link ECU is they come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Let’s say you have a car you don’t see that often, maybe like a Toyota Chaser, because they car is quite rare over here there is not an off the shelf plugin kit available for it, but that does not mean you cant still upgrade to a Link ECU, you just need to go the wire in route. Link make an excellent product the Kurofune which is designed to wire into any existing adaptor loom and you can even wire in for boost control and delete the need for an external boost controller. But regardless of the specifics there are 8 different wire in units available meaning the choice is yours and you can get the exact product you need.

Like all good companies the story of Link starts with a few friends hanging out and building race cars, they then became a business when they started selling the ECU they had made for themselves the G1. Things changed a lot for Link in the 90’s when they received an order for six ECU’s from Possum Bourne and with all the wins he was getting the reputation for Link products really started to grow. Moving on from this Link now ship there products out to over 65 countries and with 25 years of R&D they are now in all motorsport markets around the world.

So there you have it another quality product and another fantastic partnership for Slide Motorsport, once again to close out this article here is a quote from the Slide bossman and pro drifter Matt Stevenson himself ‘’I always recommend Link ECU, the product is great and a really good price, it’s user friendly and the after sales support is second to none, put all of that together and you’re on to a winner’’

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