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We beat prices! Let us quote for your new parts…

We have been sending out a lot of new stuff as of late, everything from Mishimoto radiators and intercoolers, to Injector Dynamics top mount injectors and rails, Competition Clutches and flywheels, Link ECU’s the list goes on and on. In several instances we have had customers who have been quoted elsewhere, and in nearly all cases we were able to beat the prices by a decent margin and get them some great savings.

We supply from most of the big brands in the car world and we are always happy to look for an opportunity to begin a new partnership, especially when the demand is there. A great example of this has been our recent new partner GKTech, we heard the outcry for people based in the UK who wanted the high quality bits from this Australian company, with no UK distributor at present. We have been getting orders placed every couple of weeks to bring in what people want, and long term are looking at the potential of having a stock kept here in the UK.

Regardless, whatever you have had priced up, get in touch with a genuine quote and 9 times out of 10 we can slash those prices.

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