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Drift Cars – SX series!

We work on a lot of stuff, and we never forget the bread and butter of where we come from – the 200SX market. Everything from breaking old cars down for parts to supplying new parts from companies all over the world. We not only supply these parts but we can fit them here in house for you if required. Our mechanics know the technical specs of these cars inside out and there has not a week gone by where we don’t have one on the ramps. Larger projects such as manual conversions and engine swaps can be done here, as can another common ask – rust repairs and restoration projects.

With the ever growing popularity of the SX series it never hurts to have an expert opinion on the best route to move forwards (or sideways). The cost of a good shell is going up and up, and we can help you keep your pride and joy on the road and in the best condition possible.

Need help getting out on track? We can do everything from expert wheel alignment setups for drift days, to building out full rollcages to BDC specifications through our Fabrication Division.

If you would like a quote for anything above or you have any queries about the services we provide then please feel free to get in contact to find out more!

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