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You won’t believe the extent we go to for our customers. With the winter fast approaching there has never been a better time to get the car sorted, sealed and safe before the bottom is blasted with salt and the rust starts setting in! We don’t believe in half measures here so if we are going to help solve these issues we are making sure it’s done right, and only allowing are names to be put to long lasting and proper solutions.

We have been busy over the last couple of months starting to get some fresh imports, and a few JDM beasts all cleaned up underneath and sealed up and safe. If you’ve just dropped some serious coin on a clean ride then don’t let it get the rot inside, prevention is always cheaper than the cure!

Maybe you already have some issues formed, and you need some professional rust repairs and restoration? Let our well reputed fabrication division sort these issues out, then we can seal and provide you with a lasting solution.

For more information on the process or for a quote then please get in touch today!

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