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Rust repairs and restoration…

We get a lot of really big jobs in that need a whole lot of love, top to bottom work, bare shelled and on the spit with a huge budget being poured in to get the car back to standard. Because of the high demand for these services we normally have a decent sized queue for this sort of work and it can mean a larger wait time. However when it comes to smaller repairs we can you in on a much shorter notice and still turnaround some amazing repairs, and we had a case of this in the workshop this week.

The customer brought in his S13 for the front chassis leg to get repaired as it was rotten through, you could actually visibly see where it had been bodged somewhere in the years before, but must not have had the rust properly cleared out inside, causing it to rot from the inside out again.

Well this time it was done right, with the outer section cut away, the inside ground back and treated, resealed fully, treated outside and then painted up, take a look at the pictures down below!

Want to know more or enquire about your own rust repair? Not a problem please get in touch and see what we can do for you today!



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