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Forged SR20 Build

We look after a lot of really nice cars for some of our regular customers and it’s always heartbreaking to see when something goes badly wrong, and this build was no exception. This immaculate white wide-bodied S14 running big power came in for some engine diagnostics which lead to us finding the rocker arm snapped and bits of it having past through the engine and showing up in the sump. With that it was time to get it properly stripped down, inspect the damage and take that opportunity to get things improved, in this case with the customer looking at going for a forged build.

We have supplied numerous parts for this build but they include WiseCo oversized forged pistons, Manly rods, HKS cams, BC Valve Springs, Tomei Valve Spring Retainers, GKTech Rocker Stoppers, ARP Head Studs, ACL Race Bearings and much much more!

If you want any parts you don’t see on the website then make sure you get in touch, as you can see we have a lot of suppliers we work with and would love to get you what you need for your build!


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