BDC Round 5 – The Invasion – Recap

How do you even start something like this off? What an amazing weekend, it seems like the BDC events have just got better and better as the year has gone on, and now we’ve just seen the final crescendo! I don’t think things could have gone much better for the event as a whole, beautiful clear blue skies in October, absolutely amazing driving skills by the huge roster of drivers from all over the world, and even Nathan Black cracking some vaguely funny jokes to make the crowd laugh!

For us at Slide Motorsport the crowning achievement was during the awards ceremony, when we collected the 3rd place trophy for the constructors championship, along with the team DK Jason Clark grabbing the much deserved most improved driver award. After the season that he has had it’s honestly not surprising, with every round bringing out the best in him with amazing qualifying runs and exciting battles, with no bias at all I think it is safe to say he stands a serious chance of competing for the title next year!

A huge shoutout to our guest Formula Drift driver Kevin Lawrence coming all the way from Florida

Other than that we finally witnessed someone other than McKeever on the top step of the podium, and maybe the most exciting final we have had to date. Aurimas Vaskelis drove like the madman he is known to be with his E30 smoke machine ripping around every corner and after what was truly a neck and neck battle he emerged victorious. An amazing last fight to what was a legendary weekend of driving.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about the driving this season without giving huge props to the reigning champ of both BDC and IDC Duane McKeever, who has been pushing the limits of what everyone thought to be possible all season long. We have seen the standard of driving raised higher than ever, and next season the British drivers will have some serious ground to make up to take back those podium steps for Queen and country!

Speaking of next season, the question everyone wanted to know was who is the new owner of the BDC is, well…. that would be the Slide bossman Matt Stevenson! It’s been under wraps for a little while now, and without giving anything away let’s just say that there are some BIG plans in the work!

Just going to close out the blog by saying thanks to everyone involved in these incredible events, from the marshals to the media, the event staff to the pit crew and anyone who helps to keep things running. On top of that we would like to put out a special thanks to Dave Egan and all the crew at Zigan who have helped transform the British Drift Championship over the course of the last 3 years and truly defined what a great event can be! We can’t to get stuck in and build on top of this amazing platform!

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