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Modified Lock Kit

Once you start to spend more time sideways out on the track there will be things you want to do for the car to amplify its potential, a major player in this can be to add more lock on to the car. Adding more lock is great to help get those big angles and to stop the car spinning as much when entering at speed.

There are well known names in the lock kit game such as Wisefab, but as with most things these brand names can carry a huge price tag with them, sometimes this can even be worth more than the car itself!

For those wanting more lock but working on a limited budget, slide has a fantastic solution for you. We can modify the existing parts of your car, add in a few new bits and get it all painted up and back to you, if we take an S14 as an example then let us look at what we would do

Modified Front Subframe –

We clean up the frame and relocate the steering rack forwards as well as welding in dimpled support plates.

Extended Lower Arms –

We can cut out and weld in an extended section in to the lower arms as well as adding dimpled support plates, for an extra £60 we can add in new ball joints to the arms.

Cut Knuckles –

We will cut the front hub knuckles ready for more lock.

On top of this we will supply brand new extended tie rods, rod ends and rack spacers. You get a basic black paint on all the modded bits but if you would like us to get them powder coated in a colour of your choice we can get you a quote for this.

If you are looking for a tried and tested solution on a budget, with a reliable and effective setup then please consider the Slide Motorsport lock kit, let us know what you need it making for!

Average production time on this kit is 7-10 days from when we receive your parts and prices go from £599 inc VAT and return postage!

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