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Car Service Checklist

One of the most important things is keeping your car serviced and running correct, prevention is always cheaper than the cure. But what is this prevention? What do you need to be monitoring and changing on the car to keep it all running smooth?

Here are a few common things to consider when servicing the car –

Oil + Oil Filter Change. (We see plenty of older cars that have not been looked after correctly and the waste that builds up from the old oil can cause all manor of issues)

Fuel Filter

Air Filter

Spark Plugs

Pollen Filter

If you are wanting to get more in depth with your service you can also do the following

Coolant Flush and Replace

Gearbox Oil Change

Brake Fluid Change

Diff Oil Change

So going from the very vital and simple oil and filter change all the way up to the full haul, whatever level of service Slide Motorsport is here to help. Our service prices go from just £49 plus parts and we can usually get you in on just a few days notice. If you have been putting the job off for a while then now is the time to get in touch and get your free quote!

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