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Sliding into the winter months

2017 is now wrapping to a close, it’s been a crazy old year and it looks like a real cold ending. Well, we’re not here to talk about the weather, because inside the Slide garage the fires are burning and it’s all systems go.

The winter slate this year is rebuilding the team cars, we’ve got some big changes in the works (let’s just say at least one new engine… more on this soon) also in the workshop there is a lot going on, we’ve got some big customer builds on the go like an S14 JZ conversion (you might of seen this in our IG story already) which I’ll be blogging about in the near future. Beyond that we’ve got a steady stream of your lovely daily drivers coming in for service work, parts fitting and general repairs. There’s also a couple of track weapons sat out on the shop the floor that feel a little under the weather after a hard season this summer that our incredible techs are gonna get put right, and the fab bay is full to the brim of jobs that should keep Jace out of trouble.

Oh yeah and then there is me, the new media guy, I’ve got some big plans of my own like launching the webstore and getting the new YouTube channel up and running. Watch this space.

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