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Wheel Alignment

One of the most popular services that we can offer is wheel alignment. Nothing is worse than when your car isn’t driving straight or your tyres are wearing unevenly. Long term not only do you deal with the costs of things like this but the stresses when driving. Having your alignment fixed can make a huge difference to the overall driving experience, and we can tailor your settings to exactly how you like, or we can have our expert team use decades worth of experience to set up based on use.

We can perform a basic alignment for your daily car to resolve issues or get you back driving straight, or we can set up your weekend toy to really get the most performance wise out of it. We also specialise in custom drift setups for your 200SX, skylines, mX5, BMWs whatever you like to go skidding in. Got Wisefab? Not a problem we work on this too. Want to provide your own settings? We’d love that as we always look to get more and more perspective on alignments.

Larger vehicles, 4x4s, slammed sports cars, whatever you drive we have the knowhow to improve your driving experience and we have very competitive prices, usually able to book within a few days notice.

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