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Exhaust repairs and customisation

Want a more performance oriented exhaust? Want to give up the boy racer life and get rid of your cannon? Want to fix an exhaust that’s blowing or broken?

We are more than happy to help with any of the above, from designing custom one of a kind systems, to quick fixes, our experienced technicians and fabricators can do it all, and we aim to begin to produce more off the shelf solutions in the next year.

Don’t live with the irritating sound of a broken exhaust get in touch to find out about our competitive new pricing structure. We can normally get these jobs booked in on quick notice and we will be glad to get things done exactly how you need them.

You can see below an example below where we fitted a 5″ diameter silencer to this customers car to help bring down the general volume level when driving. But want the opposite and to have us straight pipe you system? Yes we can do that as well. Please contact us for more information regarding these services.


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