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We’ve got some more merchandise coming! This week we should be getting in our newest batch of hoodies and t-shirts, in a very limited quantity. These are the basic Slide Motorsport design, with the embroidered¬†logo on the front and the bigger vinyl print on the back. Interested in picking one up? They will be priced at ¬£30 for hoodies and ¬£20 for tees with free delivery in the mainland UK. Keep an eye on our social media for details on when the drop is happening and don’t hesitate these typically sell out very quickly!

Want to buy one now? Click Here.

On top of this we are also working on a few other designs, one for the new BDC race season that will be available later this year but also some more streetwear based designs, some gear with workwear functionality in mind and maybe some funky things for the summer.

Got anything you’d like to see? Colour-ways, long sleeves, starter jackets? Head over to the facebook page and make your voice heard and we’ll do our best to sort something out for you in the coming months.

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