5 questions about drifting…

The dates are now set for the BDC, as well as for the drift cup. The winter starts to feel like the end might be in sight, and the buzz around the return to drifting in the UK starts to stir. Everyone’s still working away on their weapons ready for the spring and making all the prep for the new race seasons. I think we are all aware of the growth in the reach of the British drifting, it’s bigger than ever and it’s getting way more attention than before, with so many new people wanting to chase that adrenaline rush of being out on the track and getting the experience first hand.

Are you thinking about joining the ranks of those who like to spend their weekends sideways? Here at Slide we can definitely help you get your car prepped and ready. You can take a course that will show you the fundamentals of how to do some mad skids. You can go online or to a local drift day and meet some like minded petrol heads with a taste for rear wheel drive debauchery. But there are a couple of things you can’t just pick up over a weekend crash course in drifting.

These are things like mindset, passion and respect (remember when Brian O’Connor told us all that to some people the respect is more important). Drifting is not just another hobby for your downtime, it’s a way of life. But don’t take that from me, I wanted to let you hear it from someone who has not only been involved in the UK drift scene for the last 8 years, but has made a livelihood from it as well, through pure hard work and graft and putting in countless hours. That someone is of course Slide’s own Matt Stevenson and we had a quick catch up to answer some questions about the current state of the British drift scene and t0 get some advice for people new to the art.

What has changed the most in British drifting in the last 5 years?

“The biggest change has to be Zigen promotions taking over the championship, I loved it before but it was only naturally gaining publicity. Dave and the crew at Zigen have given it the push it needed to be seen by the masses. That in itself helps in a number of ways from enjoyment for the drivers through to bigger publicity for the sponsors.”

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

“There’s a fair few memorable moments, winning the championship a few years obviously stands out but also the team drifting events, as Team Slide usually pull something out the bag which get the crowd going!!”

What would be your one big tip for someone looking to get into the drift scene?

“Only start drifting because you enjoy it, don’t chase sponsorship etc. Do it purely for fun, if later down the line competitions happen then go for it but make sure your still having fun! I’ll guarantee you ain’t going to get rich from drifting, it’s the opposite if anything!!”

What do you think will be the next big innovation in competitive drifting?

“Not sure on the next innovation but basically anything that makes it better for the fans to watch. It’s all about entertainment at the end of the day!”

Who’s the drifter you have looked up to the most / that has inspired you to compete?

“There’s a few that I look up to, Matt Carter is the main one though, he can peddle that skyline pretty damn well. Mainly though he’s exciting to watch. Baggsy is another one but that’s more to do with how well he’s done to make a career out of what he loves.”

Interested in getting a part two? Drop a comment down below and I’ll pester Matt and the other drivers with more questions! Make sure you stay tuned into the blog for this March when all the competitions start and we will have full coverage both here and on the YouTube channel!

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