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Slide Fab – Strut Top Rust Removal

Just a quick little showcase for you all on some of the great work being performed by Jason in the last week, this time on a R34 Skyline. From the outside this car looked immaculate, such clean body work, but underneath there lurked a secret…

You see there had been a build up of moisture inside the layers of the car, meaning it was in effect rusting from the inside out, and it was only as we stripped away the layers at the strut top that we saw the real impact it had taken on the car. Now this was not too bad, certainly compared to others we have had in, but more rust than you would want to have!

Not to fear, it’s all just part of the job! First of all we have to strip down all the layers and the panels, drilling out all the spot welds as we go. From here we can now see what needs to be worked on, and make a decision to either apply a rust treatment or just chop out the stuff that is too far gone. Anything that’s cut out we will need to make a new panel to replace so of course we will always try and save as much as possible.

Finally it’s just a case of applying some protective coating (like an etch primer) that will keep it all nice and fresh for years to come.


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