Tri-Ace Tyres Sponsors Slide Motorsport

Slide Motorsport is pleased to announce that this season we will be working with Tri-Ace Tyres as a sponsor again. Without good quality tyres the team would not be able to get out and give the performance that they do, so working with a reliable brand like this is of huge importance to us. Tri-Ace make some incredible products, providing some of the best quality on the market for semi slick tyres and its a huge pleasure to have them on board again.

Make sure you keep an eye out in the British Drift Championship and Drift Cup for the Slide team cars and when you see them gripping corners at high speed you know whats on those wheels! Huge thanks to everyone at the Tri-Ace team for helping us to keep doing what we love, without the support of our sponsors this would not be possible!


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