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Update on the Team Slide cars…

The BDC opening date looms on the horizon just over 6 weeks away, so with that in mind its been time to get cracking with the team cars. In just the last few weeks things have been happening so here is a little breakdown of what…

Jason’s LS2 powered RX7

That’s right, a whole new engine for this season, which is getting built up at the moment, should be running some great power when it’s done. Plus it has wheels on again!


Matt’s LS3 powered BMW E92

Matt’s engine has now been stripped down to get to the bottom of the knocking issue, it’s ready to get rebuilt with new parts, but keeping it stock. Hopefully get more of this in video form at some point, subscribe to the YouTube Channel!

Adam’s 2JZ powered Skyline R33

This one has been having some gearbox issues which have now been resolved! Adam has been getting it ready for some new body panels and bumpers, plus adding about a billion tec screws!

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