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One of the big points we always try and drive home is that we are not just the place to bring your high end sports cars or your personal project, we work on all vehicles and this includes your daily driver. Just because we are a top quality garage does not mean top end prices and we like to think we can match on price whilst exceeding on service.

Everyone needs to have their car serviced regularly to keep everything running in tip top condition and to maker sure no smaller faults or issues turn unexpectedly into a big problem that blows up on you at a later date. Servicing can be work that is often put off or treated as not important, we all know that ‘I’ll get round to it tomorrow feeling’, and sometimes the tomorrow never comes.

As you can imagine we see a lot of vehicles that have suffered some minor neglects that have left the car stranded in the workshop with a large bill, and that’s why we recommend keeping your car serviced frequently. Here at Slide we are able to offer four different tiers of service starting with –

Bronze (£49 + parts)

A full visual check over everything on the car and replace engine oil and filter

Silver (£99 + parts)

As bronze plus replacement air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs and fuel filter

Gold (£149 + parts)

As silver plus wheels off, anti freeze change, brake fluid change and flush

Platinum (£199 + parts)

As gold plus diff oil change and gearbox oil change

Whatever the type of service, or the car, Slide is here to help you stay on the road and keep getting where you need to be. Thinking about prepping your car for the winter or getting your summer ride out of hibernation, we can tailor our services to meet your exact specifications.

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