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S14A Breaker

We sell a lot of used car parts, and although we carry a decent amount of stock for SX series and Skylines there’s a lot of parts we can’t keep on the shelves, drifters love those going through those bumpers and side-panels. This means we frequently bring in new models to break down. Needs something for an S14A? There’s a fresh one out in the yard at the moment and it’s all there minus a few bits that have gone off it already. Don’t hesitate though we expect a lot of this to go very very fast.

Don’t forget if you need something new as well there is a good selection of parts on the webstore and then we have a whole selection of other bits, from all the common stuff to some of the more obscure parts from older breakers as well. If you need a bit sourcing out we are always more than happy to help, and if you need any technical advice on what parts to get feel free to speak to someone from the sales team.

Remember we can always assist with parts fitting and service work and you can see a full list of services offered by Slide here.

Got anything else you need to get rid of? If it’s in good condition we might take it off your hands, so feel free to shoot us a message and some pictures over on the Facebook page.

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