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Used power steering pumps

We have a huge stock of used parts for 200SX and Skylines (you may have heard us mention that on here before!) and it seems that this weeks hot ticket items are power steering pumps for SR20’s and RB25’s. We get frequent requests for parts like this and we are down to our last few in stock for the RB25DET engine. Is this something that you need? We can ship these out on a next day order for just £110 delivered in the UK or if you need one for your SX (SR20DET) then we can offer you one for £100 delivered, we also carry that reservoirs in stock for both of them.

Any other parts your needing for your 200SX or R33? Get in touch we have a wide variety of everything from the smallest pits up to the largest and quality check all of our second hand or used parts, making sure you get the correct part in a good working condition in the shortest time possible!

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