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Recommended for your car – Titan Fuchs

It doesn’t matter what your car is, from an A to B job to your absolute pride and joy, if you don’t have oil in your car it’s not going far at all, on top of that it’s very important to make sure that you keep it serviced and have good clean fresh oil helping everything run smooth.

There is only one brand that we recommend at Slide Motorsport and that is Titan Fuchs, it’s the same product we use in our own performance track cars and it works just as well for your daily! When you get a product like this you can feel safe knowing the research and development that goes into it means it is performing correctly and will work right in the modern engines of today.

If you do have a high end performance motor you might be wanting to look at something like the Titan Race series, this is widely regarded as being the top high performance lubricant on the market, and it’s a tried and tested product out on the racetrack.

Needing some oil? Head over to our webstore and check out the full range. Need something you don’t see?  Get in touch and see what we can get for you!

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