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The Importance of Service and Maintenance

One thing we have always written about on this blog is about how important it is to keep your car regularly serviced and maintained, a small cost today might save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in the future. We had a great example of this in the workshop yesterday with what on the surface looked like a very clean Audi TT, that being said the engine was making some very unusual noises! When we got it all opened up it looked like we would need a new belts (timing and auxiliary) and a new tensioner (amongst a few other bits), it was only when we removed these we could see quite what a bad state they were in, with the belts being heavily craved into and on the very verge of snapping and the tensioner being clogged up with oil and filth and the bearing from within it gone all together with metal on metal!

You will all be glad to know we’ve gotten all of these parts replaced and the car is now running and sounding great! Another success from Slide Motorsport. Remember no matter the problem, no matter the car we are here to help, and we will take on anything from simple service work to engine rebuilds. Get in touch and see what we can do for you today!

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