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Toyota Chaser 1JZ Engine Rebuild

If you ever want to know the importance of servicing your car regularly I’m sure you could ask the owner of this clean JZX100. On the outside the car is great, he bought is freshly imported being told it had been regularly serviced in Japan. He then started modifying the car and after a short while decided the car was ready for a full service. It was when we took of the rocker covers we could see a very different story to the one he had been told when he first bought the car. Old oil in huge excess dried up and clogging up all aspects of the engine, the really only safe option was to get everything stripped down, off to our specialists and get everything properly cleaned out and back to how it should be.

A few weeks later we are getting the engine back in the car, plumbed back in and ready to do the run in services. Once it’s all sorted genuine filters and clean oil in. Then it can go back to the customer to be enjoyed as it should be!



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