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Slide Basic: MOT Work

One of the big points we always try and drive home is that we are not just the place to bring your high end sports cars or your personal project, we work on all vehicles and this includes your daily driver. Just because we are a top quality garage does not mean top end prices and we like to think we can match on price whilst exceeding on service.

For most of us once a year we will all get that reminder we dread, your MOT is due (or maybe you don’t get a reminder, we always try and let our repeat customers know so you don’t find yourself in the even more awkward situation of realising it’s run out). Well, here at Slide we aim to make this process as simple and pain free for you as possible. Even though we don’t carry out the MOT in house here we work with a local and trusted MOT centre, and we have one of our technicians wait with the car whilst it is done, to make sure it stays in safe hands the entire way through the process.

When you bring the car into us we will take note of any concerns or worries you have in relation to parts (for instance breaks or electrics etc) and can have the mechanics take a look at these issues first of all, as well as taking a thorough once over of the entire vehicle. Any issues we spot can be addressed quickly at the garage before the MOT is done, saving you on over priced or bloated quotes you may get from a backstreet garage.

Whatever work we have to carry out on your car will be done using the very best parts, sourced at the cheapest prices, and fitted by our expert team of mechanics. Slide prides ourselves not only on the quality of our work but also on the customer service and after care so anything extra you need you’re always welcome to get back in touch.

MOT date coming up or due? Get in touch to book in today.


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