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Slide Basic: Wheel Alignment

One of the big points we always try and drive home is that we are not just the place to bring your high end sports cars or your personal project, we work on all vehicles and this includes your daily driver. Just because we are a top quality garage does not mean top end prices and we like to think we can match on price whilst exceeding on service.

Maintenance and regular servicing on your car can make all the difference when it comes to keeping things running and avoiding those unexpected costs, and we provide many different services, but one that comes up a lot is wheel alignment. Maybe you’ve been living with the steering slightly out, dealing with that annoying pull whilst your driving. Maybe you’ve noticed that your going through tyres a bit quicker than expected. Whatever the issue we can get it put right for you, and save you the costs and frustrations you might run into otherwise.

Our wheel alignment machine is capable of working on even the lowest cars without having to remove bumpers or any body panels and tracks the wheel position using state of the art laser technology, meaning we can dial down the alignment to within a fraction of a degree and get the perfect setup you require.

Sometimes when working on jobs like these we can find suspension arms, tie rods and more that have seen better days, get seized or have split bushes, and we can source out the parts that you need, usually on same day delivery and get these things out right for you, on the day as planned. Slide really is the one stop shop when it comes to repairs and service, doing everything from the practical work through to sourcing the parts required.

Need your wheels sorting? Prices for alignment start at just £49 so please get in contact to book your service now!

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