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By the skim of our teeth…

Sometimes when it comes to repairs and upgrades generally bigger is always better, but there are sometimes occasions where a direct replacement is just an easier and/or cheaper option. We deal a lot in the 200SX market and sometimes these 20 year old beauties are not always the easiest thing to find a decent quality stock part for, and we see more and more issues with clutches and flywheels. Now we do normally always recommend to get yourself a spanking new Competition Clutch and flywheel, but if you’re not running tons of power or you don’t want to foot the bill for the aftermarket bits, then second hand can provide you with a bargain repair, we do stock loads of second hand parts straight off breakers etc. but we also now specialise in fully reconditioned parts, such as SR20 flywheels that have been skimmed and refurbed, basically back to brand new for just a fraction of the cost.

Check out these before and after pics of the recon process….

Interested in getting one? Check them out on our webstore for more information.

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