Drift Cup Round Two Recap

Drift Cup Round Two just went off this weekend at the Three Sisters Race Circuit in Wigan, and the whole Slide Motorsport family was out there supporting the drifting scene. Stu Jones was representing the team out on the track (although you may have noticed a lack of that crazy red S14), the bossman Matt Stevenson was up on judging duty, Mac was there doing that thing where he talks to his camera, Jason was working his hardest in the pits getting showered in oil, Adam was there supporting Lozza as she tried her best to wreck everything on her R32 all weekend, the beard of Slide Jimmy was out there just basking in the glory of the beautiful weather and even Matt Speake was there on hand to give everyone advice on how to be a better drifter.

This time round Matt and the other judges really wanted to give everyone a very technical and challenging line to see who could cut it with the pro’s, some people struggled with it but others rose to the challenge and really smashed it all day. One of the ones going all out on the line was our very own Stu Jones, who had blown his SR20 up the day before in practice and instead was loaning Scott Cartledges R33 running a 1UZ turbo.

As the day went on and we moved into qualifying, with Stu finishing 3rd overall after sending it on both his runs, also friend of Slide Lozza Hinks did really well in spite of all the car trouble by qualifying in 14th. The judges were especially hard on people during qualifying to make sure that that better chase runs would happen during the battles, and although some people didn’t like it the results worked out as the drivers started to go head to head in what would prove to be some very wet face offs.

On the cards for Stu Jones in his first battle was Kev Bennet in BMW E30, good battle with Stu taking the win and going through to the top 16 where he would face off with Martyn Giles in his S14, Martyn spinning out and off the track meaning it was an easy pass through to the top 8 against Dave Bastin, and after a strong lead run looking great things sadly went amiss with an understeer issue that left him off line and out of the game. That being said huge congratulations for Stu are in order earning his spot at the BDC round two at Teeside, what will he be driving? Stay tuned to find out.

Some other really notable points of the day included Ash Jones colliding in the chase and then just throwing it back in, overtaking and nailing the rest of the line, and JoJo Mcdonald chasing that door of Andy Frost all the way around the track, lunging in like a certain Slide Motorsport driver!

The podium for the day was topped by Paul Cunnington (in the ‘other’ Slide car), Jojo in 2nd and the 3rd place spot going to Dave Bastin. Congratulations to all the winners of the day, and let’s see if we can get a Slide Motorsport driver on the podium for round 3.

Over all a really great event, some decent driving across the board, and a great atmosphere from the crowd who stayed cheering everyone on even in the rain. Make sure you keep a look out for the video recaps we will be posting on YouTube and Facebook in the next few days, Slide will once again be showing you a perspective on the events unlike anyone else!

Credit for the amazing header picture to PR Photography!

Keep an eye out on the Drift Cup page for a more in depth breakdown of events, no doubt will be out very soon!

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