Engine Conversions

If there is one thing that we get a lot of requests for it’s engine conversions, that is everything from the more simple BMWs that want to get a bigger engine size, to drifters wanting to put Rb25s and 2JZs in everything, even sometimes getting into the more crazy end of things (SR20 into a Nissan cube?). We have previously been struggling to keep up with the huge amount of requests that we receive meaning response times were slow and sometimes non existent. Pricing these jobs, even into a rough ball park figure can be tough and time consuming so we’ve designed a new process to make this smoother, and help to weed out the serious enquiries from the time wasters.

So if you’ve got an enquiry about an engine conversion here is what needs to happen, either complete the contact form on the website or email directly to It’s important that in this message you include as much information as possible about your project so that we can immediately get an idea if it’s something feasible to take on. From here you should receive a quick response sending you out a questionnaire to help us gather the relevant information to your build, it’s important you answer all the questions, once you have returned this we can have a look over and will either ask follow up questions based on the specifics, or ask you for a deposit if everything we need is there.

Once we get to the stage of the deposit (£100 paid in advance to secure yourself a position in the queue.) we can then look more into getting you more specific prices on parts needed and get an idea of a labour figure, although you must remember no two conversions are exactly the same and sometimes the overall cost can be a fair bit more than originally pictured. We have such a huge demand for these services and are incredibly meticulous with making sure everything is done 100% correct, cutting corners is really not an option for us.

After this is all done, we will get you added to the queue. We no longer offer diary dates as our schedule needs to be more flexible to allow time for things running over schedule, which with these sorts of one off custom fabrication projects can happen fairly often. You will be given an estimated project start date, and advised how much is in front of you in the queue, and we will do our best to keep you up to date as the countdown ticks away to your car being dropped off or collected for the work to begin on your build.

Any questions or enquiries about these services then please get in touch today!

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