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We always say how we can work on any car, we get a lot of drift cars, plenty of imports and good amount of your daily drivers, but this week…. We’ve had some really special things gracing the ramps in the workshop!

We’ve had not one but two Nissan Skyline R34 GTR’s in! One for some fabrication work and rust removal, the other for some engine diagnostics. It’s like every young Gran Turismo fans dream in here.

A stunning flip wrapped Nissan R35 GTR for annual service and parts fitting, a more modern piece of machinery and an incredible vehicle.

And then the one for all you Fast and the Furious fans, a Toyota Supra 2JZ Turbo running 500BHP plus for a manual conversion, using a 350z CD09 gearbox and a Collins adaptor plate and twin plate clutch. Watch this space for more info on this amazing project really soon!

On top of that a 2018 Mustang convertible and another insane Supra! What a week!

What will we have in next, stay tuned to find out and regardless of what you drive from Nissan Skyline to Nissan Micra remember Slide Motorsport is the answer!


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