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How to get everything you’ve been dreaming of…

In the run up to Christmas you’re probably thinking I should wait till the new year to pick up a new Link ECU. Maybe you’re in the market for getting some new wheels but you really just wanna go a size bigger and will need adjustable arms to get that camber you want. Perhaps you’ve been planning to get your missile out on the track in the spring but don’t want to be unsafe and feel like you need a roll cage fitting? Great news everyone, Slide Motorsport 0% finance is here.

So with just a 10% deposit you can take home what you want today and break the payments up over as much as one year. Thats up to one year… for free. Let’s put this in to terms here,  Joe Bloggs rolls up to Slide in his tricked out S14 and wants some new coilovers, and likes the look of the Yellow Speed Dynamic Pro Sport Coilovers (priced at £769.99) but with the Holidays just around the corner doesn’t want to fork out the full amount but he has got a hundred quid spare, over one year that works out at £55.83 per month (£13.96 per week)

This finance is not just available on parts but also on Slide services that can include custom fabrication, engine conversions and restoration work. Pretty much anything we offer through Slide can now be placed on 12 month 0% finance.

Want to know more? Get in touch today and we can provide information or quotes for whatever your next dream project is.

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