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Featured Products: Competition Clutch

At Slide we only use the best parts in cars we build, and we would never recommend anything to you that we don’t use on our own cars. We want to start spotlighting some of what we consider to be the best parts available and to start off with we want to talk about Competition Clutch.

Competition Clutch makes some of the best equipment on the market, clutches and flywheel suitable for a range of vehicles all the way from streetcar equipment up to full fledged race car performance parts.

If you’re planning on putting big power down on the ground you’re going to need the right delivery to get it there and we choose Competition Clutch for this every-time. This is for two reasons, durability and reliability. When it comes to running high power race cars (like Matt’s LS3 powered BMWe92, pushing 500hp) we can’t chance a failure out on the track and Comp Clutch parts have never let us down.

The part of choice for Slide is the Comp clutch stage 4, it offers a performance plate with a six puck torque sprung disk and this means a 250% increase in torque capacity. Pair this up with one of the ultra-light flywheels (solid one piece forge to reduce the risk of ring gear separation) and your good to go on the road or the racetrack.

To tell you a little bit about the company they were founded in the states in 2003, since its very humble beginning they have grown considerably which they contribute to innovation in the design of their high quality products. They also pride themselves on their customer service and we can tell you first hand how great it is. The evidence of this is not just in word of mouth but in the amount of race teams that use the parts, it’s not just Slide but many other high profile industry teams as well.

To close this out I’ll leave you with a quote from Slide Motorsport head honcho and pro drifter Matt Stevenson

‘I’m always happy to recommend Competition Clutch, it’s a solid product that never has to come back, and they sell really well. It’s one of those things, it does what its supposed too and for the price you can’t get anything better.’

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