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Timing Belt Replacement on a Ford Kuga

We’re always up for trying our hand at some different work and today has been no exception, with the first timing belt we’ve done on a Ford Kuga. Our mechanics are no stranger to working on all manor of vehicles, with lot’s of experience on everything from old import track cars to more run of the mill daily drivers, we’ve also got years and years of experience in just about every type of engine repair and maintenance going so something like this is a simple fix and a quick turnaround, just the first one we’ve had in the shop for it.

Any job large or small, no matter how obscure or out there, get in touch and see what we can do for you, we perform all general work to the same standards as the more in depth project work and put customer satisfaction as a top priority. Plus on top of all that our labour rates are a fraction of the price of dealer prices.

Got a small problem you’ve been neglecting to solve? Had a breakdown and need a big fix up? Give us a shout and see what we can do for you today!

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